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Help Marie build her own identity as a professional photographer.


Create a visual identity that reflects her profesionalism and artistry that will help develop a portfolio that aligns with her vision and values.



Marie Eleonore is an aspiring photographer who is venturing into the business with a passion for connecting with people through her lens.

This moodboard serves as a visual exploration designed to reflect and inspire the client’s identity for the upcoming branding project. Crafted with the intention of sparking reflection, it captures the essence of a sunlit forest, utilizing elements such as golden colors, rays of light, and sandy textures. The interplay of nature and human presence emphasizes connection and vulnerability, setting the tone for a branding journey that combines passion, serenity, and a harmonious blend of the client’s identity with the beauty of the natural world. This carefully curated visual representation aims to ignite inspiration and lay the foundation for a branding development process that aligns seamlessly with the client’s vision and values.

The moodboard’s dominant colors range from deep emerald to soft moss green, complemented by sandy beige, warm taupe, and hints of gold. This palette captures the serene essence of nature bathed in soft sunlight. The primary colors extracted include rich golden hues symbolizing warmth and intimacy, along with warm browns and deep greens representing natural elements. Together, they create a harmonious and nature-inspired color scheme for the project.


The logo encapsulates the essence of the photographer’s signature seamlessly entwined with the minimal synthesis of a radiant ray of light. The choice of a minimalistic approach ensures clarity and sophistication, allowing the logo to be versatile across various applications.



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